Brand Partner

Brand Partner

Le case d’orologeria che hanno collaborato con noi è aperto a tutte le forme di collaborazione. Di seguito troverete alcuni dei marchi che hanno collaborato con noi:

Orologi RM913

RM913 Milanese Chrono Grey nella sua scatola

The Rm913 wristwatch with its vintage look is undoubtedly craftsmanship at its best – What real gentlemen look for and what the man of today wears.

Scuro Watches

La S del logo scuro watches

SCURO watches is a new watch company based in Malaysia with a simple philosophy: create a timeless dive watch in a super lightweight and strong titanium case that is powered by a high quality Japanese Miyota 9015 automatic mechanical movement. The result is a versatile watch that can fit in at the office, the beach, or out to dinner. After a year of designing, finding a manufacturer capable of producing the design, and product testing.

Orologi EONIQ

orologi EONIQ

EONIQ watches are beautiful custom timepieces brought to life by your unique stories. With your signature and our quality components, such as Citizen movements and sapphire crystals, we craft couple watches that will timelessly shine because of you. The moment you put on a watch hand-assembled specifically for both of you, you know you’ll never feel the same looking at watches again.

Green Time by Zzero

logo green time

GreenTime by ZZero è una linea di orologi in legno 100% naturale, fatta a mano e studiata nell’aiuto e nel rispetto del nostro pianeta.

Pegasus Watches

Recensione Pegasus dell'orologio Watches Legionary

Aged in Italy timepieces. Each watch is individually assembled thanks to the experience of skilled craftsmen. The components are then subjected to a strict quality control to ensure production in perfection.

I.T.A. Time

I.T.A. ITALIA TECNICA ARTIGIANA è un prodotto estremamente riconoscibile realizzato con tecniche innovative che permettono di ottenere un risultato estetico sorprendente. Nasce così un orologio dalla cassa in policarbonato di forma tonda con delle anse avvolgenti in acciaio per garantire la massima vestibilità sul polso.v